Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tira miss you.

Drumroll please!
Let's welcome the classic Italian dessert..


Ehhh.. alright! I did not make this. I wish I did though.

Every time I come across a recipe for Tiramisu, there are either too much steps or I don't even have a clue where to start. The ingredients are foreign to me. Marsala wine? Mascarpone? Ok.. maybe not that foreign but definitely they are not something you would have at hand. Agree?

Well meanwhile, I figure I can just spend my meal points (prepaid credit for food) on this decent cafeteria dessert. It's surprisingly not that bad. I have been getting these once in a while for almost 2 years already (haha). These Tiramisu are definitely not the "real" stuff. No ladyfingers nor wine nor whatever they should have. It's like a simplified version with just a few layers of sponge cake, cream and chocolate. Still good enough for me to go back for seconds twenties(?) :P

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