Monday, October 14, 2013

Matcha Chiffon Cake order

On the agenda for this week: fig frangipane galette/tart 


Matcha chiffon cake (recipe same as last post) + cream + strawberries on top.

Minor adjustments were made to the chiffon cake recipe. Reduced the sugar down to 30g for the yolk part and left the 40g for white unchanged hoping to get nicer air bubbles in the white. Whisked whites to a stiffer peak than last time and folded the whites less even than last time resulting in some large air bubbles in the cake. Cake rose to similar height as last. Note to self: fold whites until no big streaks left!

step by step

so smooth

3 layers

My cake decorating techniques are so rusty. Definitely need major improvement on getting the right smooth shiny consistency for the cream. Wonder if I should try doing a meringue or adding corn syrup next time. Also attempted to do a crumb coat before "frosting" it. Left it in the fridge for like a minute = fail.

star tip and a dust of matcha powder
Mm, not too bad for a semi- noob I guess. I am pleased with what I came up with after not baking and decorating cakes for a while. Hopefully my cousin's friend will have a smile on her face when she sees and tastes this cake. Happy Birthday Eva!


&look! The box from Daiso fits my cake perfectly!

Till next bake`


  1. Beautiful cake once again! I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog! You are an inspiration to avid bakers everywhere! Can't wait for your next bake. Bookmarked!