To Bake

carrot bread loaf
cinnamon date walnut brioche
cinnamon crunch bagel loaf
pull apart bread (step by step photos)
pumpkin cinnamom babka (pumpkin puree, pumpkin pie spice)
japanese milk bread (starter, active dry yeast)
japanese sweet potato bread bun (instant active yeast, mixer)
one bowl whole wheat vegan cinnamon roll (tangzhong, no knead)

quick bread
cardamom orange coffee cake loaf (1 stick of butter; almond top)
coconut banana bread with walnuts
toasted coconut blueberry banana bread (oat flour)
ginger spiced banana bread (cardamom)
yogurt banana bread (greek yogurt and maple syrup)
pumpkin espresso bread
cinnamon applesauce bread with walnuts
crumb topped banana bread (white whole wheat flour)

biscuits and scones
royal wedding scones (blueberry, heavy cream)
pumpkin scones (pumpkin puree, all spice, 4 tbsp of butter)
blueberry scones (step by step photos; sour cream)
orange scones (european style; oj&sour cream)

waffles with Walter
-The Sugar Hit:
chocolate waffles
quick belgian waffles (half hour rise, dry active yeast, 1 stick less 1 Tbsp butter, pearl sugar)
buttermilk waffles (3/4 stick butter, buttermilk)
sour cream waffles (can sub with greek yogurt, 3/4 stick butter)
liege waffles (maple pearl sugar recipe, dried yeast, 2 sticks less 2 Tbsp butter)

-I am a Food Blog:
hong kong bubble waffles
fried chicken and french toast waffles
mac and cheese waffles

brownie waffles
chocolate oat waffles (vegan; banana, applesauce, flaxseed)
peanut butter waffles (grape/apple jelly recipe)
mochi waffles
lemon poppy seed waffles (oat flour, unsweetened almond milk)
dark chocolate cake waffles
savory sweet potato waffles with chimichurri

banana ogura cake (square chiffon)
blood orange cake (sour cream cake, heavy cream/mascarpone cream frosting)
chocolate pecan torte (nutty, dense; collapsed look)
cinnamon roll coffee cake (9" round; crumble filling/topping)
craggy chocolate cake (no flour; 4 eggs)
dark chocolate matcha cake (2- 6" round)
sponge cake (basic)
strawberry cake (layered, creamed)
vanilla yogurt cake (lemon zest)
wholesome carrot coconut loaf (almond meal, dates, carrots)
pumpkin coffee cake (with crumb topping)
caramel almond cake
chocolate chip matcha mug cake
matcha vertical cake or swiss roll with black sesame whipped cream (12x17"pan; no butter, no oil)
honey milk tea bundt cake (whipping cream)
mascarpone chantilly cream
black sesame chiffon cake
matcha cake with black sesame streusel

baked blueberry cheesecake (cream cheese, whipping cream, sour cream)
baked tofu cheesecake (5 eggs, 250g silken tofu, 250g cream cheese)
light and creamy cheesecake (digestive cracker crust, cream cheese, sour cream)
new york cheesecake 
no bake green tea cheesecake bites (whipped cream, cream cheese)
coconut cheesecake (3packs of cream cheese, coconut milk)
mini tiramisu cheesecakes

parmesan chiffon cake

blueberry oatmeal cookies (frozen blueberries, quick cooking oats)
brownie cookies
chocolate chip cookies (applesauce, coconut oil)
coconut oil chocolate chunk cookies
coconut oil and whole wheat chocolate chip cookies
dark chocolate chunks smores cookies
tahini cookies (maple syrup, tahini paste, walnuts, sesame seeds)
cinnamon tahini cookies (quick cooking oats)
dates and walnut cookies 
miso oatmeal cookies
5 ingredient vegan gluten free cookies (dates, banana, nut butter, almond meal, oats)
chewy pecan cookies (oat flour, honey/brown rice syrup, coconut sugar)
double chocolate chunk cookies (oat flour, nut butter, coconut oil, flax egg)
healthy anzac cookies (oats, coconut, almonds, honey)
chocolate chunk peanut butter cookies
copycat levain bakery chocolate chip cookies (makes 12 large cookies; dough refrigerate 30mins - 12hrs)
sea salted olive oil chocolate chip cookies
cinnamon whole wheat graham crackers (coconut sugar, maple syrup, coconut oil)
fruit nut crisps
oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with toasted coconut (shortbread texture)
levain bakery chocolate chip cookies

apple pie muffin (granny smith apples)
banana coconut crunch muffin (3-4 ripe bananas, pecans, coconut flakes)
orange muffins (asian style; oj; yogurt)
vegan blueberry muffins (applesauce, almond milk)
oatmeal blueberry applesauce muffins
olive oil banana walnut muffins (crumb topping, white whole wheat flour)
hearty muffins with oats, walnuts, applesauce

super chunky coconut granola
granola (egg whites, oil and honey)
granola (liquid portions)
vegan lemon bars (almond meal, silken tofu)
pecan pie bar
salted caramel blondie
toasted coconut caramel chocolate shortbread bar (oat flour and coconut flour, date caramel)
chewy espresso walnut brownies (melted butter)
banana blondie (brazil nuts, white chocolate)
fudgy black bean brownie (15oz black bean, 4oz applesauce)
chocolate tofu brownie (silken tofu)
nature valley oats and honey bar (rice crispies)
granola bar (with coconut, almonds, currants)
kind breakfast bar (puffed rice)
almond coconut copycat kind bar (puffed milet, brown rice syrup)
no bake toasted coconut bar
vegan maple pecan bars (coconut milk/cream)

baked cheese tart (cream cheese, parmesan)
banoffee pie (digestive cookies crust, 1 can of condensed milk and 1 cup of heavy cream)
blackberry and lime galette (3/4 stick butter for 10" galette)
blueberry galette (2 cups of blueberries for filling)
chocolate coffee crunch pie (walnut graham cracker crust)
earl grey pomelo tart (with earl grey pastry cream)
flaky pie dough
salty honey pie (1/2 cup heavy cream)
crack pie
key lime pie with ritz crust (filling: condensed milk, lime, heavy cream)
vegan coconut cream pie (oat crust, coconut milk, tofu)
vegan dirt cake pie (silken tofu, coconut milk/cream)
portuguese custard tart
matcha portuguese custard tart
pecan tassies (crust: cream cheese, butter, flour)
Frangipane apple galette (2 sheets of puff pastry, almond flour)
Coconut oil crust
Bourbon Pecan Pie (vegan: coconut oil, coconut sugar, rye flour)
earl grey pie (tartine's flaky pie crust, earl grey pastry cream)
apricot almond tart
apricot almond tart 

chocolate custard filling (for cream puffs)
matcha cream puffs (gelatin, whipped cream filling)
chocolate madeleine (lemon zest&cocoa powder)
pate a choux 
coffee eclairs (no heavy cream needed)
popovers (serve immediately)
pocky (condensed milk)
matcha marshmallow with graham cracker
salted caramel sauce (1 cup sugar, 1 cup cream)
strawberry chia jam
tofu pudding

chocolate souffle (uses 4 whites and 2 yolks)
chocolate souffle (fool proof; uses 3 eggs)
grand marnier souffle (foodwishes; orange zest&2 eggs)

almond pistachio ice cream (vegan; raw cashews)
blueberry cheesecake ice cream (cream cheese, ice cream churn)
pistachio ice cream cake

cauliflower tots (italian seasoned panko bread crumb)
cilantro jalapeno hummus
easy thin crust pizza
roasted vegetable orzo salad (lemon juice, almonds, pecorino cheese)
spicy peanut soba noodles
mini brussels sprouts and spinach dip bread bowl
flour tortilla
garlic butter cauliflower hemp seed sticks
hong kong's curry fish balls
oyako don (mirin, sake, chicken broth)
spaghetti squash quinoa fritters (waffle iron!)
one pot thai quinoa bowl (peanut sauce)
one pot healthy cajun chicken orzo (cajun spices)
chicken alfredo baked ziti (skinny alfredo sauce- chicken stock, mild, parm cheese)
oven fried chicken wings (sriracha, molasses)
oven baked sesame chicken thighs
oven baked honey mustard chicken thighs
mexican street corn (vegan, sriracha cashew mayo)
summer chicken pot pie crostata with herded crust