Thursday, April 23, 2020

Buckwheat Banana Bread

Experimented with buckwheat flour by substituting a little less than half of the AP flour in my healthy banana bread recipe. The buckwheat flour lended a mild nutty taste and gave the bread a more brown and nutty appearance. The texture was more bread like which I found it perfect for breakfast. 

For enjoying the next day, I like to give it a quick toast in the toaster and topping it with almond butter, honey and hemp seeds!

Buckwheat Banana Bread

2 eggs
1/3 cup (70g) melted coconut oil
1/4 cup (85g) honey
1/4 cup (57g) Greek yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 mashed ripe bananas (about 394g)
1 cup (136g) AP flour + 3/4 cup (90g) buckwheat flour
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/4 teaspoon salt
90g walnuts, chopped

1. Preheat oven to 325F. Grease and line a 9x5 inch loaf pan and set aside.
2. In a medium bowl, whisk together flour, cinnamon, baking soda and salt. Set aside.
3. In a large bowl, beat eggs, oil, honey, milk and vanilla for 2 minutes. Stir in mashed bananas, flour mixture, and add ons.

4. Pour batter into lined pan. 
5. Bake for 50-55 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean. 
6. Cool for 10 minutes, slice and enjoy!

Next days:

Taste: 4.5 stars out of 5
This bread is less sweet and very appropriate for early morning meals!
Texture: 4.5 stars out of 5
Expect more bread/ drier texture.

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