Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Moving on from Mrs. Field's Cookie Dough.. this time, we have QUADRATINI. Another bite size snack! (Bite size snacks are wonderful for studying& braces-wearer :D) These bite size cookies taste heavenly. If you like nutella, you'd love these. They claimed that 74% of the cookies is filling, and I definitely approve. So rich. Almost too rich!!(haha) I went out to get the vanilla before I even finish with the hazelnut. Ah, they also come in tiramisu filling (i think).

As of now, my snack cabinet is just overflowing with varieties of crackers, chips and chocolate related goodies.. Is there a disease that has to do with endless snacking? Snack-a-holic? I should.. maybe.. start exercising to sort of cancel out my enormous amount of intakes(?) Does that even make sense?

Coming up ---Yogi Granola Crisps

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