Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cooking with Fatty Episode 5: Resourceful cooking

This past Friday post work, the Fatty and I went to Mama Lu's.

snapchatting probably.

The two of us ordered a table-ful of food: hot and sour soup, xlb, stir fried sprouts and house special fried fish. Everything was delicious, but it was definitely way too much even for two big fatties. What did we do with the leftovers? We transformed into two fusion dishes for our Sunday meals (:

For lunch, we toasted our favorite garlic butter sour dough bread, scrambled some eggs with the leftover sprouts and topped it all off with the reheated leftover fish. The end product was ahmazin` It was definitely up to par with our previous smoked salmon open face sandwich. Need to get some leftovers to remake this dish again!

For dinner, we made a hot and sour pasta with the leftover soup and some added veggies! Simple and delicious.

A weekend of
Successful leftover transformations.

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