Thursday, April 12, 2012


I was on the search for a recipe to use up my leftover egg white from the custard cream I made previously for the cream puffs. I came across a lot of souffle and meringue cookies recipes, but I wasn't exactly in the mood for either... and actually I only had one egg white since I cut down my original custard cream recipe. So, I needed something "small". Then, I saw financier (for the first time)! I did a quick search on the internet and found out that financiers are small French teacakes!

I was intrigued. The presentation of financiers are so delicate and fancy. They are often baked in rectangular molds and are said to resemble gold bars! There are a lot of variants of financiers as I discovered. Nuts, fruits, tea.. etc. I decided on a simple original plain version so I can get a clue on how they are like first.

- makes 4 little financiers
25g egg whites (~1)
25g sugar
5g honey
10g flour
10g almond flour
25g burnt butter

1. Oil and place pans in fridge. (I don't have financier molds/pans, so I just opted for my tart pans)
2. Put unsalted butter in small saucepan over medium heat. Swirling the pan as butter melts and boils. Continue to cook until butter has turned deep brown. Remove from heat and strain. Let cool to room temperature.
3. Lightly beat white, sugar, and honey over double boiler until sugar has melted.
4. Mix in flour
5. Mix in butter
6. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 190C/ 374F.

My first financiers were quite delicious tbh despite that they were just a spontaneous act of mine. They were moist and had a very nice nutty flavor from the burnt butter! I didn't have a chance to snap a picture between the short time that they were out of the molds and into my mouth :p

Next time, I will tackle the full financier recipe and bake them in the super tiny rectangular tart molds I got from my recent trip to HK!

Taste: 4 stars out of 5 (sweetness from honey and nutty flavor from burnt butter)
Texture: 4 stars out of 5 (moist, dense yet light!)


  1. Do you think these would work in a regular muffin tin or should I go ahead and spring for some tart pans?

    1. Hi Kenni,
      I don't see why regular muffin tins won't work! Give it a try and let me know(: I think it'd be best to keep them shallow and not fill the entire muffin tin tho.