Monday, November 15, 2010

Food in SD (1)

WAHHHH! I feel so bad for neglecting my blog.. I am partially back though. All this time, I have just been occupied with school and laziness.. I still do my daily food- blog reading and foodgawker/ tastespotting browsing though. (Oh!! And I am also watching Top Chef- Just Dessert atm.) It's just that I really havn't been baking, and hence no updates.

However, as you all know.. THANKSGIVING is coming up! That means.. LONG WEEKEND and BAKING! ( : I am looking up potential candidates to bake. Strawberry shortcake? Pie? Chocolate ganache tart? Muffins? Biscuits? So much on my list..

I want a cookbook!


Anyways, here's a post I made a while back about some good& decent food I have been eating in San Diego. Enjoy : P

(1) KalbiQ (Korean BBQ Mobile Truck)
I have been longing to have a first- hand food truck experience after watching The Great Food Truck Race all summer long (NomNom.. :'( ) I never knew what the hype of food truck is all about until I came across KalbiQ.

The sweetness of the beef, the spice of the salsa, the freshness of cilantro and the potato-ness of the fries all came together so well. Who could have thought fries would be such a nice addition to a burrito? (: It was a pleasant surprise.

Bulgogi (Korean marinated barbecued beef) Burrito $5.00 + tax

Bulgogi Taco $1 each + tax on Tuesdays!

-not my favorite. they use corn tortilla .. boo. and look at how small the portion is!

Bulgogi Fries $5.50 + tax

fries> burrito def. you get more for your bucks!

4 stars out of 5.
They need to be more consistent with their serving and food.
I got some over-fried/burnt fries the other day. Disappointed.
(2) Chopstix (Japanese Sushi and Noodle Cafe)

Chicken-Katsu-Don (Deep fried breaded chicken cooked with eggs & a variety of vegetables, on top of rice) $6.95

FAVORITE! This is absolutely the best Japanese rich dish I ever had. I love everything on this dish. The sauce, the perfectly cooked eggs, the sauteed onions.. There's nothing I want to change about it. I just hope they are exactly the same flavor next time I go too.

Crunchy Roll Special $4.95

RRRRRReally good and filling! Good deal. How much can a california roll with crunchy stuff goes wrong? Hehe.

5 stars out of 5
So far, everything I have tried is absolutely da bombbb<3
(3) Royal India Express (Indian Fast Food Cuisine)
-located inside a food court at the mall

Two item plate: Chicken Tikka Masala with Garlic Chicken and Basmati Rice $7.50 + tax

The chicken was a bit dry and the curry is not "spiced" enough. The rice also turns out a bit rough and dry. Ask for extra sauce if you are getting it. I think the reason why the sample tastes better was that it was 80% sauce/curry and 20% rice. What I do like about it is.. it tastes authentic! (:

3 stars out of 5
Also need to work on consistency and portioning. Sauce is key!

(Please excuse the unfocused pictures and whatnot. I am always too hungry to retake them.)


  1. looks yummy and the best pat is that its cheap!!! good call on that, hope you enjoyed!

  2. All of this looks great, especially the crunchy roll as that's a fav of mine :).