Friday, June 18, 2010

Mango Mochi

What a great way to start off the summer! A cold and fever. Thanks V. The past couple of days I have been laying in bed planning on what to bake. The idea of baking every week during the summer is overwhelming. Honestly, I was so sick and tired that I thought I would just give up and not bake ever again. I was scared that this sort of new-found passion of mine was slowly dying..

Phew! Turns out that was just a deluded short transition stage for me to switch into summer baking mode. Glad to have this blog to keep me on track. Food and I are inseparable!<3 Hehe.

Well, I am slowly recovering and regaining my obsession with food. I started off my first of many baking in summer 2010 with mango mochi (my fav!). My parents first tried these from my cousin in Hong Kong and they asked her to email me the recipe. I have made these a few years back and I remember that they never came out quite to perfection. This time around.. they were still so-so. They taste great when they are chilled and eaten within a day. But after a day, the mochi becomes hard and not as chewy. I am not sure if all home-made mochi are like that but definitely not the store-bought ones. (I want to make store-bought level mango mochi! ):)

Mango Mochi
(**recipe not perfected yet)
-makes 30
2 small bowl (~400ml) of glutinous flour
1 bowl (~200ml) of sugar
1 can (~400ml) of coconut cream
2 tbsp (30ml) of oil
2 tbsp of custard powder
plenty of shredded coconut for coating
1 mango, cubed

Cut up mango.
Mix glutinous flour, sugar, coconut cream, oil and custard powder.
Mix well until no lumps.
Wipe oil on a flat/wide plate.
Filter and pour mixture onto plate.
Steam on med high heat for 20 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
Cool and spoon out a palm-sized amount onto a lightly greased saran wr.ap
Wet fingers and flatten dough into a circle.
Place mango in center and roll.
Coat with shredded coconut.
Repeat with the rest of the dough.
Chilled and eat within a day or two.

Note: The sticky-ness of the mochi is difficult to work with! Wetting the mochi too much or stuffing too much mango makes it impossible to close the mochi with the mango inside. Don't mind too much about the appearance of the mochi as long as you get the mango secure inside. The shredded coconut can hide any imperfection.

^juicy juicy mangoes :D

I am definitely going to get this to perfection because I don't want to be spending US$4.00 for 6 pieces of mango mochi at Phoenix! Keep an eye out for the perfected recipe by this summer!

p.s. camera-less for this week.. please excuse my bad quality photos.

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