Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chinese Cocktail Bun

Followed the same sweet bun recipe I did before and added a coconut sugar mixture in the center and some sesame topping this time. It turned out delicious! Cocktail bun has always been my favorite Asian bread (followed by pineapple buns!). Usually I avoid getting the coconut buns at Asian Bakeries because they tend to be over oily and too sweet. So in order to satisfy my childhood craving and not risk getting my blood vessels clogged , I made my own healthier cocktail buns!

My buns were made according to my taste (of course<3). They were to the exact sweetness I want and not a bit oily. The only thing that I can pick on is the bun texture. It was firm. Firmer than last time too. It's most likely because I used less bread flour and more all- purpose. Reheating in the oven solves the problem though. More bread experiments to come!

^my water roux paste

^from sticky to smooth and elastic

^doubling in size

^divided into 16 pieces

^the fillings(:

^all ready!

Coconut Filling
recipe from jun-blog
1 cup coconut flakes
3 Tbsp melted salted butter
5 Tbsp honey (or brown sugar)
1 egg yolk

In a small bowl, mix the coconut flakes, melted butter, honey, and egg yolk until it has a paste-like consistency.

Mexican Topping (piped lines)
recipe from Corner Café
30g softened butter
10g caster sugar, sifted
20g plain flour, sifted

Cream softened butter and sugar until pale. Fold in flour. Transfer into a small freezer/snack bag with a tiny cut at one corner for piping (or use a piping bag fixed with a 1/2cm or smaller round nozzle).



  1. Thank you very much for taking the time to post these wonderful buns.
    I made the pineapple buns usng your recipie and they weRe lovely. Is there anything that I can add to them to stop them from drying out so quicky. They were a little dry after 36 hours.

  2. Thank you anonymous! Glad you liked them. Yeah, I found the buns to be perfect right out of the oven, but then became a little dry/ firm overnight. I suggested eating them asap? I am still new to bread making. Let me know if you find out how! (:

  3. Try brushing lightly with oil just after baking, to keep the crust soft. Steam day-old buns in the microwave (spritz with water and heat for 10-15 seconds) and they should be just as soft as fresh.