Monday, August 22, 2011


Alas, the long awaited TIRAMISU : D
(Warning: this will be one LONG detailed post!)

Taste: 5 stars out of 5
Texture: 5 stars out of 5

Step ONE: make sponge cake.

Basic Sponge Cake Base
recipe adapted and translated from Dessert & Baking DIY
-makes one 6" round cake

125g(2) eggs, room temperature
60g sugar
60g flour, sifted
15g unsalted butter, melted

1. Line your 6" pan
2. Beat eggs and sugar till stiff (about 5 minutes).
3. Add flour to egg/sugar mixture and fold.
4. Add melted butter and mix well.
5. Pour into pan and smooth top.
6. Bake for 30 minutes at 356F.
7. Cool and remove cake from pan.
8. Trim edges so that it's slightly smaller than the 6" pan
9. Slice into two layers horizontally.
10. Set aside.

Step TWO: make kahula expresso for brushing.
Kahula Expresso Mix
recipe adapted and translated from Dessert & Baking DIY
-makes enough for two cakes (*halved if looking to just make one cake)

80g espresso (80g hot water+ 2 spoonful instant expresso powder)
20g kahlua
2tsp sugar

Mix everything and set aside.

Step THREE: make mascarpone cheese/cream mixture.
Mascaropone Cheese/ Cream Mix
recipe adapted and translated from Dessert & Baking DIY
-makes one 6" round cake

100g mascarpone cheese, room temperature
30g sugar
1 egg
140g whipped cream
7g gelatin
35g water

1. With electric mixer, whip cream slowly until it resembles ice cream texture.
*Over whipping can result in a lumpy and firmer cake.
2. On a double boiler, beat egg and sugar on high until pale and loose.
3. Mix gelatin and water and microwave until gelatin melts and steams.
4. Add 1/5th egg mixture to gelatin and mix. Set aside.
5. Add cheese to the remaining 4/5th egg and beat till incorporated.
6. Add cream to the cheese/egg mixture and quickly fold till even.
7. Lightly mix the gelatin and egg and add to the cream/cheese/egg mixture. Mix well!

Now, you've got all the different components of the tiramisu ready to go.

Step FOUR: assemble!
1. Get a 6" ring mold or use the side of your 6" springform pan.
2. Wrap the bottom of the ring with saran wrap and set on a tray.
3. Put bottom layer of your sponge cake in the center of the ring. (The edges should have a 1cm gap from the ring)
4. Generously brush the sponge cake with the kahlua/espresso mix.
5. Pour half of the mascarpone/cheese mix on top of the sponge cake, making sure it fills up the gap between the sponge cake and ring.
6. Brush the top layer of sponge cake with kahlua/expresso mix.
7. Place brushed** side of sponge cake face down onto the mascarpone/cheese.
8. Brush the top of sponge cake with kahlua/expresso mix.
9. Pour the rest of mascarpone/cheese onto the sponge cake.
10. Smooth and lightly tap pan on counter top.

Step FIVE: refrigerate and final touches.
1. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
2. Remove cake from ring mold.
Tip: wrap warm towel around ring for easier removal
3. Dust with cocoa powder
*Optional: cut out fun patterns and place them on top of cake before dusting(:

Step Six: ENJOY(:


Tiramisu #1

Mascarpone cheese/cream was fluffy and light.
Layers were even.
Edges were rough and not clean.
Coffee taste was prominent.

Tiramisu #2

^before dusting

Mascarpone cheese/cream was more liquidy before refrigerating.
Texture after refrigerating is smooth and velvety.
Edges were smooth and clean.
More kahlua was used.
Sponge cake was more soaked.
Layers were not even.

Tiramisu #3

Mascarpone cheese/cream was more firm after refrigerating.
Edges were smooth and clean.
Layers were even.
Sponge cake was a little dried (overbaked ._.).
Sponge cake can be soaked with kahlua/expresso more.


Total of three takes so far. Seeing improvements yet?(:

Sorry for the poor quality pictures. I am never patient enough to take pictures after the long prep/baking time. But I assure you.. they definitely taste better than they look. Hahah(:

To Bake: Tiramisu. Checked!

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