Sunday, June 27, 2010

First loaf of white bread.

I had high hopes for this bread when I saw the final product pictures of this recipe. The pictures of the soft buttery crust and the light shinning through the slice totally got me drooling on my laptop.

Epic fail. My result was not even edible.. Why? Because I did not prepare my active dry yeast properly. For some strange reason, I remember reading on some blogs saying that to substitute instant yeast with active dry yeast.. all you need to do is convert the amount using the ratio 1.5:1 and follow the exact same steps required for instant yeast. Mm, I guess that's still true because before anything.. you need to activate the dry yeast anyways. They didn't think that someone would be as dumb as me.. If only I had looked at the instruction behind the packet! Sigh. Complete waste of my 4 hours+. The bread turned out ..

hard as rock& flat top.

It tasted like STALE bread! I actually gave this bread extra proofing time so I could get the most fluffy bread.. and I also added an egg-wash hoping for some shiny and crunchy crust. But obviously, NOTHING MATTERS when the yeast is not even activated!

^I always wanted to take a shot like this. Not too bad. Yeah? Some light still went through. Haha.

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