Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Cooking with Fatty Episode 8: Acai Bowl Roundup

08 02 15

The Fatty and I are getting so good at this acai thing. We have been frugally using our four packs of acai and spreading it into four meal for two! I'd say this is an accomplishment in itself. We are saving $$.

How our usual prep looks like
We omitted tofu and added more frozen fruits (berries and mangoes) into the base. This makes the base more refreshing and cold which is absolutely perfect for the hot summer days.

Back: his, Front: her
We got strawberries for a pop of red this time too. Fatty has been going for the organized chaos theme while I am neatly arranging my toppings in rows.

Fast forward two Sundays,

08 16 15
Her - closet comparments theme

His - symmetrical mess (;
Check my first post for the basic recipe we are following. Happy acai!

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