Monday, July 27, 2015

Matcha Custard Pudding

100% Silky smooth! Steamed, not baked. I present to you my Matcha Custard Pudding in the cutest egg shells containers! Yay, I finally have enough of the egg shells to make them all in one batch. Now, I just need a bigger wok/pan to steam these babies all at once.

But anyways, this post is actually over 11 weeks due.
I was swamped with travelling during this period, and let me try to keep this recap short.

- New York was totally awesome, and I can't wait to be back. We definitely maxed out on our daily stomach capacity for 6 days straight. One sweet highlight which I recommend to anyone who's visiting is Doughnut Plant. I am completely blown away by how delicious the creme brulee donut was. It wasn't cloyingly sweet and just everything you would expect from the given name. 

- Immediately following NYC was my cousins arrival. We celebrated Dad's big 60 and had our first cake from Paris Baguette. The blueberry chiffon was well received by everyone since it was light and less sweet compared to Porto's. I feel a bit guilty not making my dad's cake this year but I promise to make it up with something crazy next year  (or anytime really)! 

- Family road trip to Arizona, Utah, and Vegas was next. We stopped by Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and etc. These natural beauties were breathtaking, and lots of beautiful photos were taken. Then onto a very hectic SF tour for three days. 

Non stop traveling and eating out for 4 weeks straight. I was completely drained, exhausted, and home sick (and out of shape!) 

To make these matcha custard pudding, I just added 1tsp of matcha powder to my custard pudding recipe. There was a subtle matcha flavor and a nice hue of pastel green from the matcha powder. I definitely plan on making these again with some changes; adding 1tbsp of matcha and cooking the matcha with milk longer to get rid of the granules..

I steamed the pudding in two batches since the bottom of my pan was curve and had a limited area to place the pudding at a level. I steamed the custard for 10 minutes on a low rolling boil, and they came out perfect and not at all over cooked.

I also see that with experience, my caramel is turning out much better- nice toasty flavor and deep brown color.

Interested to try an Earl Grey flavor next!

Taste: 4.5 stars out of 5
could use a bit more matcha
Texture 5 stars out of 5!!

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